About "Inside Quotations"

What is it about quotes that inspire us?

I know I can spend much of my time pouring over lists of quotable quotes, and over an hour can pass before I realize it. For me, quotes are jewels of wisdom, discovered and recorded because someone, somewhere, believed they were worth remembering. They are lessons learned, revelations recognized, and snapshots seen from a unique perspective.

We are each one of a kind. In this world we live, learn, and grow in a way that is wholly individual and distinctive. Yet we are also part of a greater whole — family, friends, classmates, colleagues, wider society — other human beings who are each as unique as we are. Through our interaction with one another, we can learn more about our world and just might come closer to understanding ourselves.

"Inside Quotations" is a compilation of my musings and reflections about life 
— life in this complex, yet breathtaking and remarkable world. I'm inspired by other thoughtful people, especially the individuals who are unafraid to raise the tough questions and hold the in-depth conversations. More often than not, these are the folks whose legacies we remember most, long after they are gone.

Even if we think we won't make a lasting difference, we also can't know just how far the 'ripple effect' our lives will have on others, for it has the potential to reach the farthest ends of the earth. 

Where do you want your ripple to take you? Let's keep exploring and sharing together.



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